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An exclusive area for you to tell everyone your news, promote any special offers you may have at any given time and sell your services to a captive audience.

Tell - Post your latest news and successes here. Let the world know what you are doing.

Offers - Win new business with any special introductory offers to anyone who visits the website.

Sell - A directory of contacts where users can get in touch with each other and cross sell their services.


An area where we keep you updated with important information relating to your building such as health & safety, environmental and any works being undertaken.

Health and Safety - News and information on the latest legislation which might affect you.

Environmental - Helpful advice for reducing your carbon footprint and being more sustainable.

Works - An update on any works which we are undertaking in your building.


A special area to provide you with useful links, lets you know about fund raising initiatives and access to our supplier list.

Supplier Directory - Have access to our tried and tested team of professionals.

Fund Raising - Find out what charity events we are undertaking or use this area to promote your own.

Useful Links - A list of organisations and bodies which you may find to be helpful.