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11th Aug 2011

As everyone is aware, rioting and looting came to Manchester City Centre on Tuesday evening 9th August. We closed down our commercial office buildings in Manchester city centre, turned off all lights in readiness for whatever the evening would bring.

We watched the news with trepidation as yobs rampaged through the City Centre smashing and setting fire to shops and buildings.

The next morning I drove into Manchester and arrived at approximately 8.30am expecting to find complete devastation. However, I was absolutely amazed to see hundreds of people (including a large majority of youngsters) undertaking the massive clear up of the City Centre. There were literally groups of around 20 to 30 people everywhere I looked carrying brushes, shovels and bin bags and just cleaning and brushing as they went along.

It made me feel so proud to be English! That people can rally round so quickly to clear up and take a pride in the City that they love. Everyone was really upbeat and the community spirit was fantastic to see. It has restored my faith in human nature!