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Sitting at your work desk - is it good for you?

Carol Price

Posted by carol on Apr 11, 2012 in Small Business

It may seem impossible during a frantic day in the office when you don't ever seem to leave your desk, but scientists say we should take a walk around the office... every 20 minutes.

Researchers found that taking a regular break to walk around helped reduce the body's levels of glucose and insulin after eating.

'When we sit our muscles are in a state of disuse and they're not contracting and helping our body to regulate many of the body's metabolic processes.
With this study, they experimented with how prolonged sitting could affect responses to food.

After a meal, glucose levels in the blood go up, followed by a rise in insulin, which helps cells use blood sugar for energy or store it. Then, levels in the bloodstream start to go down.  All these things will make you feel that you have lots of energy then you will start to feel tired and  slow down.

So get up and walk around you could even make a cup of tea!!!  These things will all help your health.

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