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Is Your Compter Password Safe

Claire Hynes

Posted by claire on Mar 6, 2012 in Magnus News

Is you Computer Password safe?

The business world's most popular password has been revealed - and it's the predictable
 'Password1'!!!!!- proving office workers are not the most creative of types.

More than five per cent of computer users chose it because it has a capitalised letter,  a number and has the correct amount of characters normally needed whilch undoubtedly is easy to remember.

Common passwords:
god, love, lust, money, private, qwerty, secret, sex, snoopy.


examples:  kittykitty, johnjohn

Funny/nonsense/jargon words;
examples:  wassup, bzzzzz, foobar

examples:  biteme, eatdirt

Keyboard sequences;
examples:   asdfg, qweasd, poiqwe

Obscene words;
examples:   (use your imagination!)

Passwords based on host name (for people with lots of passwords)
example:   if the system is named 'cat' an obvious password is catpass

examples:  terces, wordpass, nhojnhoj

People are also  found to write down their passwords in places where they could easily
be found.

How safe or easy to copy is your's?

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