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Injury Time

Heather Kavanagh

Posted by heather on Mar 15, 2012 in Commercial Property

We are now just a couple of weeks away, April 2012, from the HSE's change to the way employers have to report employee injuries in the workplace under the Reporting of Injuries, Disease and Dangers Occurrences Regulations (RIDDOR). Under the new ruling, employers will no longer have to report over three day employee injuries to the authorities,

The HSE is recommending an extension to over seven days' incapacitation (absence or inability perform normal work for more than seven days)

The aim of RIDDOR is to monitor health and safety in the workplace, whether that be office space or industrial space, so that the government can identify any major issues and tackle them accordingly. The reasoning behind the proposed changes is that figures from over three day and over seven day injuries are very similar.

Further information regarding RIDDOR can be found in the Health and Safety handbook we provide in the majority of our flexible commercial offices in Manchester City Centre and South Manchester. The Health and Safety handbook is readily available at all sites and for all commercial occupiers to view.

While It is likely that in the first year of the changes we'll see a fall in the number of reportable accidents, no should assume this will be due to increased safety but rather than the effect of the goalposts being moved.

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